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Skating Development Intensive

Tuesdays 6:00pm - 8:15pm 
ber 5th through October 24

For Experienced Skaters 12U-18U

Off-Ice Explosive Strength Training + On-Ice Skating Technique = Measurable Improvement to your Skating 

6:00pm-6:45pm @ Moxie Elite Training (west of Rink A in Lakewood Ice) 

  • Functional Strength Training for agility and explosiveness.

7:15pm-8:15pm @ Lakewood Ice (Rink C) 

  • Skating Technique. Edge Work, Power Skating.

    Data on individual players will be gathered throughout the process allowing us to track their development.


The On-Ice Program :

  1. Evaluation Day

  2. Explosive Strides

  3. Turning Agility

  4. Backward Skating + Transitions

  5. Stop/Start Quickness

  6. Dynamic Edge Control

  7. Deceptive Moves

  8. Re-evaluation

Cost Includes: Weekly 45 minute Workouts with Moxie Elite Training, Weekly 1 Hour on Ice Session, Data Collection, Video Analysis, and Dry Fit T-Shirt (while supplies last).



You're either ALL IN or ALL OUT.

***Purchase a HELIOS CORE performance sensor for 20% off using the CK HOCKEY discount code. I will then receive your player's stats directly to my account and we can analyze Strides Per Minute, Skating Agility, MPH and more. Go to


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