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With 20 years hockey experience, dance training and mindfulness background, Courtney brings a wealth of knowledge and a diverse perspective to every session.


A San Pedro native, Courtney fell in love with ice hockey at the age of 9 when she first saw the Los Angeles Kings on TV.  "I'll always remember that game.  We had just gotten cable and it was my first time seeing ice hockey.  The Kings were playing the New York Rangers, Bernie Nichols got a hat trick and Kelly Hrudey got a shut-out.  And then I was hooked."  

Courtney spent the next ten years playing SCAHA hockey and playing elite girls' hockey in SoCal.  She trained for five years with Tom Hughes of Tom Hughes Hockey Inc. in power skating. She has coached with the Bay Harbor Red Wings, Lady Ducks, and Junior Ducks, though her real passion is teaching.  "I specialize in one on one and small group lessons.  I love to dissect technique and and examine how we can make every thing more efficient.  I work to make players understand the mechanics of what they're doing so we can perfect them and excel."  

Having also trained as a dancer, Courtney brings a unique point of view and understanding to skating technique. "I had to spend a lot of time in front of a mirror studying movement.  I'm always examining alignment and reach and follow through."


She's also recently begun studying mindfulness as it applies to athletes and getting into "the zone."  

"I love what I do and I will pour everything I have into helping you reach the next level of your game."  

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